Bad Wiring, Tripping Breakers & Other Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection in Santa Ana, CA

We all want our homes to be safe. Homes of today are inundated with electrical tools, fixtures and appliances. We depend on them every single day, but don’t give much thought as to whether or not they are functioning properly and safely. To make sure they are effective and safe, these systems need to pass standards that have been set by the NEC electrical code. Electricians will use these standards when they inspect your home. Do you ever wonder if your home would pass an electrical safety inspection?

Most Common Causes of Electrical Inspection Failure

The NEC code is very strict and if you haven’t had an inspection in the last 5-10 years, odds are pretty good you’ll need to make a few updates. Let’s go over some of the most common problems:
• Newer appliances installed into older wiring or systems
• Outdated or incorrectly sized wiring
• Outdated or failed smoke and fire detectors
• Failing to use dedicated outlets for major appliances
• Lack of GFCI outlets in areas that are exposed to water-these areas including kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and home exteriors
• There is knob and tube wiring present
• Pull-chain lights are used instead of wall switches
• Overcrowded wiring or wiring is in contact with other wires or insulation
This seems like an extensive list, but it’s not even scratching the surface. There are tons of electrical safety requirements that need to be kept up with. It is very important to do so, or you are putting your family’s safety at risk as well as your home.

Bad Wiring & Other Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection

It’s difficult to check all these on your own. So much of it is in the walls, under the floors and other areas that are difficult to get to. If you think you can’t get to it, it’s a good idea to pass. There are lots of things you can do around the house on your own, but electrical work should be left to the professionals. How can you tell if you need an inspection?
1. Long Time Since Last Electrical Inspection. You should have your home inspected every five years for a business and every 10 years for a home. It’s even better if you do it more often because electrical technology changes so quickly.
2. Electrical Outlets Not Working. Having outlets that don’t give you power when you need it, is not only annoying, but a sign that you may have a big problem somewhere in your home.
3. Flickering Lights Electrical Problem. Flickering lights are another indication you have an issue in your home. It can be due to outdated or old wiring.
4. Breaker Keeps Tripping. Breakers trip for a reason. It can be annoying but may be happening because you have an electrical problem in your home. An electrical repair might be in order if breakers are tripping all the time.

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