Common Commercial Electrical Problems in Aliso Viejo, CA; Not Enough Outlets, Unsafe Wiring & More

A commercial building’s electrical system is quite complex and a number of problems can develop. For those who own or manage a commercial building it is important to recognize and react to electrical problems as soon as they occur. To ensure the building’s safety as well as all of those inside it, electrical problems must be corrected. Peterkin Electric would like to cover some of the common electrical problems that can and do develop inside commercial buildings and how to detect them.

Fix a Circuit Breaker that Keeps Tripping

Commercial buildings, such as office buildings, retail centers or factories, usually need power for equipment and all electrical devices all throughout the day. When there are high demands, the electrical equipment will overuse needed energy it and can eventually overload the breakers. This will cause the circuit breakers to trip. However frequent tripping is not a good sign. This means the electrical system is way overloaded which can cause a fire. If needed add more amps to the electrical system and upgrade the buildings electrical panel.

Get More Electrical Outlets when You Don’t Have Enough

Often a commercial building is built with no direct purpose in mind. This is why many commercial buildings do not have a lot of outlets. For commercial buildings with a lot of electrical equipment you may not have enough outlets. You should never overload a single circuit. If you have a commercial building needing more outlets, they can be added.

Address Lighting Problems

Another common problem is lighting issues. Sometimes the lighting in the building was poorly designed and there isn’t enough light. Other times light bulbs may go out way too often or the lights flicker. Burned out bulbs and flickering lights may be due to a loose connection from the electrical power to the light fixture. Loose wiring can pose a threat. When lights burn out or lights flicker, the situation needs to be inspected. When there is poor lighting design, the lighting can be redesigned or better light fixtures can be installed.

Correct Unsafe Electrical Wiring

Unprotected wiring can allow people to be electrocuted or the wiring is exposed to the elements. Faulty wiring due to poor installation can impact a commercial building in a number of different ways. Faulty wiring can describe loose connections, erosion, or damages. Faulty wires can cause overheating and in turn, cause a fire. When the wiring is unprotected, loose, and not secured properly it can be a recipe for disaster.

Electrical Panel Grounding

The grounding wiring system is essential to the commercial building’s electrical safety. If the ground wiring is ever visible and isn’t properly protected, this can be a major problem. All of the excessive electrical charges are sent through the ground wiring to a safe place to discharge. If any of the ground wiring is unprotected anything that contacts the wiring will receive all of the electrical discharge. This is how electrocution and fires often occur. Unfortunately unprotected ground wiring is a common problem and must be addressed quickly.

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