Dimming & Flickering Lights Electrical Problems in Laguna Hills, CA; On One Circuit or Whole House

Lights that start to flicker in our home can be a little mysterious. Is there any rhyme or reason to the flickering? Does it happen at opposite ends of the house or only when you turn the kitchen lights on? This can drive you crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s reassuring to know that most of the time the problem is innocent, but it can be serious. There can be several reasons it’s happening, and you will need to pay a little attention to try and figure out why it’s happening. You can also call professionals in to figure out what the problem is.

Reasons Lights Dimming & Flickering on One Circuit or Whole House

1. Is one light flickering? When one light is flickering it’s most likely that the bulb is the problem and it’s an easy fix. Turn the power off, take the bulb out and then screw it back in. Flickering can occur if a light bulb isn’t totally screwed into the socket, or it it’s screwed in crookedly. The bulb may also be getting old and you can simply replace it. If you’ve taken all these steps and you still have flickering lights there may be an issue with the wiring in the lamp or with the switch or outlet it was plugged into. There may also be a problem with the wiring outlet. If after all this the flickering continues, then there a problem with the lamp.
2. Do the lights flicker then totally illuminate? If you have fluorescent bulbs, tubes or new energy-saving CFLs, then it’s totally normal for lights to flicker wen they are first turned on and then totally illuminate. This can take a few moments and flickering can continue until they completely illuminate. If the flickering doesn’t stop, or it’s an incandescent bulb then you can take the following steps- 1. Unscrew and then screw the bulb back in making sure its correctly threaded 2. Try plugging the lamp into another outlet 3. Call professionals if the problem persists
3. Are all the lights flickering? This can happen during a bad thunderstorm and is normal. This can be prevented in the future by installing a whole house surge protector. You may have a big problem on your hands if the flickering is widespread and through the whole house. When this happens it can mean that the voltage to the electrical system is fluctuating. This can damage the wiring and any of the electronics that are plugged into the system. You need to call professionals in right away in this situation.

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Loose wiring is the most serious cause of lights that are flickering and is the main cause of house fires. Ignoring flickering lights is not a good idea. Always do a little digging to try and figure out what the problem is and call an electrician if you can’t. You can contact Peterkin Electric with any questions about the electrical system in your home.

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