Signs You Need an Electrician in La Habra, CA; Bad Electrical Wiring, Tripped Breakers & More

For those of you that live in older homes, consider the fact that the wiring system in your home is just as old. There are many signs that occur with your electrical work that could point to bigger problems. While many of these signs are small and seem insignificant, you should never ignore them and put your home at risk of problems like a house fire. Peterkin Electric is here to talk about some of the warning signs you should watch for that may indicate that you are in need of a professional electrician.

Warning Signs of Electrical Problems in Your House

Listed below are some of the seemingly small signs that could put your home and yourself at risk. When electrical problems are left unresolved, you are at risk of electrical shock or just as life-threatening, a house fire.
Tripped Breakers– If you find that you have frequently tripped breakers or are constantly replacing fuses, you could have a serious problem.
Flickering Lights– This may only happen when you are using another appliance in the room, but when your lights flicker or start to dim, this means that your circuit is overloaded and you need to make some changes.
Hot Light Switches– Any time your light switches are hot to the touch, an electrician should be contacted right away.
Burnt Out Light Bulbs– If your light bulbs are burning out much faster than they should, there could be an underlying problem causing it.
Burning Odors– The smell of something burning is more than unsettling. You should have your electrical wiring checked at once when you smell anything resembling a fire.
Electrical Sparks– You shouldn’t be able to see sparks when you are plugging something in. This means there is a problem with your wiring.
Buzzing– Any buzzing that comes from your lights or your circuit breaker isn’t good. Some people may even hear buzzing in their walls where the wiring is.

Electrical Home System Inspections

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you are in need of an immediate electrical inspection. Even when you aren’t experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have routine inspections to ensure your home is safe and the wiring is up to code. If you find that you are using several power strips and extension cords, you should have your system looked at. The amount of technology we use today wasn’t planned for in many houses when they were built. You need to know that your electrical system is up to code and you aren’t in need of any upgrades to make your home a safe place.

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At Peterkin Electric, we offer a long list of comprehensive electrical services to our customers, including electrical system inspections. You can rest easy once we have inspected your electrical system, knowing that your home is safe and not at risk for things like electrical shock or electrical fire. Call us today and one of our professional electricians can discuss all of the options for you.

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